Our Budget Payment Plan

Heating your home can be a significant expense and we want to help make it less stressful. It works like this, we review your fuel usage history and calculate a monthly payment based on estimated market conditions. Monthly payments are made May thru April, this eliminates extra expense over the winter months and holidays. Take a look at the chart below for an average household that uses 800 gallons of heating oil annually.

Our Budget Payment Plan

As illustrated by the graph using 2018-19 conditions, payments can range over the heating season from $360 per month to $570 per month, paying $2400 in just 5 months compared to $200 per month over 12 months. If we see you are using more fuel or if the market price is increasing we may notify you to increase your monthly payment. If we have a significantly warmer winter or you are using less fuel you may also be able to reduce your monthly payment.

We can automatically deduct your monthly budget payment from a debit or credit card. With autopay we deduct .02¢ per gallon delivered, payments must be current to receive discounts. You choose a date between the 1st and 15th of each month for your payment. Any balance due at the end of April must be paid By May 15th. Credit balances will be rolled into the next plan year to reduce monthly payments. Service and Efficiency Agreements may also be included in your monthly budget payment. We offer an annual precision furnace tune-up and a 15% discount on service parts and labor.

For illustration purposes we have used heating oil but if you use propane to heat your home we can also provide a budget plan to make heating your home more predictable and affordable. Call us today to find out how our budget program can help you make heating your home affordable.

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