50 – 99 Gallons


100 – 149 Gallons


150 – 499 Gallons


500 – 749 Gallons


750 – 999 Gallons


1000 – Gallons

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  1. Low Sulfur Content:
    • Off-road diesel typically has a low sulfur content, which helps reduce harmful emissions when burned in diesel engines. This is in line with environmental regulations aimed at improving air quality.
  2. Tax Exemption:
    • Off-road diesel is exempt from certain taxes that are applied to on-road diesel fuel. This tax exemption is based on the assumption that off-road vehicles and equipment do not use public roads and therefore do not contribute to wear and tear on highways.
  3. Specific Applications:
    • Off-road diesel is used in a wide range of equipment and vehicles that operate off public roads, including agricultural machinery (tractors, combines), construction equipment (excavators, bulldozers), industrial machinery (generators, forklifts), and marine vessels (boats, ships).
  4. Dyed for Identification:
    • Off-road diesel is dyed a distinct color (such as red) to differentiate it from on-road diesel. This dyeing helps enforcement agencies identify unauthorized use of off-road diesel in on-road vehicles, which is subject to penalties and fines.
  5. Availability and Distribution:
    • Off-road diesel is available at fuel stations and distributors catering to industries and sectors that rely on non-highway equipment. It is typically sold in bulk quantities for use in large tanks or directly pumped into equipment on-site.
  6. Regulatory Compliance:
    • Users of off-road diesel must comply with regulations regarding its proper use and storage. This includes ensuring that it is only used in eligible off-road equipment and that proper record-keeping and reporting are maintained to document its usage.